Church Hall

St Michael's Church Hall




The Church Hall is located in St Michael’s churchyard, at the rear of the church. Sometimes it is confused with Lancing Parish Hall next door. Lancing Parish Hall is administered by Lancing Parish Council and has nothing to do with the church.

You can get to St Michael’s Church Hall via the main church path, or by the smaller path on the North side of the church, next to the G & S Homewares shop (see picture below).

The capacity of the Church Hall is 100 persons seated or 200 persons standing. It has a small kitchen equipped with gas cooker, kettle, tea urn, fridge, crockery, etc. Use of the Church Hall includes use of the kitchen facilities but users have to bring their own tea, coffee, milk, sugar, biscuits and any other food they require. There is communication between the main hall and the kitchen via a hatch.




Booking the Church Hall

All hall bookings must be made on the downloadable Church Hall booking form.

When you’ve completed the form, please send it to the Church Hall Bookings Secretary whose address is on the form.

Your booking will not have been made until it has been accepted and confirmed to you by the Church Hall Bookings Secretary.

Send a message to the Church Hall Bookings Secretary (e.g. to check availability).

Any organisation hiring the Church Hall for use involving children must either have their own Safeguarding policy in place, or accept that of St Michael and All Angels Church. Hirers will have to complete a form declaring their acceptance (this is part of the booking form above).



Church Hall Charges

Monday – Saturday


09:00 – 22:00

£10 per hour

09:00 – 13:00

Not available


13:00 – 22:00

£10 per hour

At Vicar's discretion

Conditions Of Use 

1.   All requests for use of St. Michael’s Church Hall, South Street, Lancing, West Sussex, (hereafter called the Church Hall) are subject to the acceptance of the booking by the Parochial Church Council (or their representative) on behalf of the Parish of St. Michael and All Angels, Lancing.

2. The hirer shall satisfy himself / herself that the facilities available at the Church Hall are suitable for his / her purpose.

3. The maximum number of person allowed is 100 seated or 200 standing.

4. The hirer is required to be in attendance in the Church Hall during the entire duration of the booking. THIS IS NOT TRANSFERABLE TO ANOTHER PERSON.

5. The hirer is responsible for ALL damage to furniture and fittings in the Church Hall and must ensure that all users do not stand on chairs and tables etc.

6. The hirer is responsible for leaving the Church Hall in a clean and tidy condition and ensuring that tables and chairs are replaced to where they are normally stored, all windows are closed and curtains are open. (Brushes for sweeping the floor are located in the cupboard off the hall).

7. It is against the law to smoke in any part of the Church Hall.

8. The use of disco equipment or any amplified music is not permitted at any time.

9. There is no objection to decorations being placed in the Hall during a hire period, but hirers are requested not to attach decorations etc. with 'Sellotape', ‘Blu Tack’ or similar adhesives.

10. Alcoholic drinks are NOT permitted in the Church Hall unless the hirer has obtained the written permission of the Parish Priest. If approval is given these must NOT be served to young persons under 18 years of age. Alcoholic drinks may not be offered for sale. Tickets may not be sold for events in the Church Hall at which the price of the ticket is said to include the provision of an alcoholic drink.

11. When young people under 18 years of age are present in the Church Hall supervision MUST be provided by adults using the following format:

·                Aged 0 - 2 years: 1 adult to 3 children

·                Aged 2 - 3 years: 1 adult to 4 children

·                Aged 4 - 8 years: 1 adult to 6 children

·                Aged 9 - 12 years: 1 adult to 8 children

·                Aged 13 - 18 years: 1 adult to 10 children

12. The hirer must minimise noise and / or other disturbance to local residents. The Parish Priest (or his representative) reserves the right to terminate an agreement if dissatisfied with any excessive noise or behaviour in the Church Hall.

13. The hirer must report all accidents involving injury to the public to the Booking Secretary as soon as possible and complete the relevant section in the Church Hall’s accident book (located in hall foyer above the first aid box).

14. Vehicular access to the Church Hall through the churchyard is prohibited unless prior permission has been sought. A trolley is located in the main hall cupboard to assist in delivery of equipment.

15. No dogs (except assistance dogs) are permitted in the Church Hall.

16. The hirer is responsible for their own public liability insurance and in signing the Booking Form the hirer indemnifies the Parochial Church Council (PCC) against all claims in respect of injury, loss or damage arising from the letting, other than those arising from the negligence of the PCC.